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2019 PRICES for United Home Audio - Audiophile Tape Decks


UHA Tape Decks:
Phase11 = $18,500
Phase12 = $19,500
Ultima4 = $24,500
UHA Proprietary Tape Heads:
No Getting Around the Fact That The Sound Quality Of Any Tape Deck Starts With The Tape Head!
 The UHA Tape Heads Are Available Only On A UHA Tape Deck.
No one else can buy them.
Lets face it, the sound from any tape deck starts with a tape head!
That's a fact, so UHA launched into a search for the very best tape head available, not only for playback but also for recording as well. The UHA tape heads were chosen for their specific output, impedance, head gap, core and materials. They were chosen for the optimum sound quality, but equally important, proprietary dual mono head amps were designed specifically to play to the strengths of the UHA tape heads!   
Here are some of the major differences between a typical playback tape head from back in the day and the proprietary UHA tape head:

1.) Lamination thickness on your typical tape head cores is thicker, (.004) than the UHA heads, (.001/.002). This makes the UHA Tape Head cores more efficient due to less eddy current losses. Also the core laminations are a hi-perm material for added efficiency.
2. Inner surfaces of the UHA heads are hand polished for better gap consistency.
3.) Many tape heads were a combo head Rec/Play using the same gap.
UHA heads employ two specific tape heads, one for playback and a completely different head optimized for recording. On each head the head gaps are optimized specifically for record and play with an optimal head gap for a record head and a different head gap for a playback head. Therefore you get a better performance from both playback and recording on a UHA deck.
4.) UHA playback core and contour are optimized  for better low end response.
UHA tape heads are built with slots, machined slots between the tracks which extends the consistent high frequency stability over a much longer time of usage.
5.) UHA tape heads are encased in a custom designed mu-metal can that shields the tape head from RF or EMI as it sits on the headblock.
6.) All UHA heads are mounted and optically aligned on the original Tascam headblock assembly using optical comparator for track height (placement), Zenith (tilt), wrap (center gap on tangent point / tape contact area and coarse azimuth.   
 7.) Installation of the UHA head requires custom modifications to the stock Tascam head shoe and head shield for correct height and alignment. During these headblock modifications additional rollers in the place of fixed tape guides and scrape flutter rollers can be installed. This will result in the only fixed point in the tape path is the playback head, (on a playback only deck).

The OPS-DC = $6500 option on any UHA deck.
The UHA Outboard Power Supply enables any UHA Tape Deck to run 100% on DC power.
There is NO AC POWER IN THE TAPE DECK, It will operate 100% on DC Power!
See the link below for additional info on the UHA OPS-DC Option.
NEW! The UHA Pure DC Audiophile Tape Deck Outboard Power Supply (OPS)

Recording Options for any UHA deck:
1.) No Recording, Optomized for Playback Only = Free
2.) Stock optomized recording = $1500
3.) UHA Propritary Recording head and recording system = $3000
4.) Ultima4 Top Of THe Line Recording System = $4500

UHA Reel to Reel Tape Deck Option List

UHA R2R and OPS Dimensions


"Limited Edition" -  Black & Gold Tape Deck

Black Tape Deck

Red Tape Deck

Silver Tape Deck

White Tape Deck

UHA Announces Six New Features for 2019!

1.) Every UHA deck purchase includes the new UHA HQ Take Up Reel, your choice of red, silver or black.
The best take up reel in the world!
2.) Every UHA Deck now features all new gain and EQ stages with Class A output:
From the Phase10 to the Ultima4 Decks, all feature the new Fully Discrete Pure Class A output!

3.) $1500 Recording Option:
One can have newly upgraded and optimized Tascam recording at 7.5ips and 15ips on any UHA Deck.
(Not available on the Phase10).

4.) $3000 - New UHA Recording system can be added to any UHA deck:
New UHA Record Tape Head and Proprietary Record Electronics Can Be Added To Any UHA Deck.
For $2800 you can add the proprietary UHA tape head and recording electronics to any UHA tape deck.
The new record head features a custom design that was chosen over several other tape heads by different manufacturers for the performance it offered. Record electronics were designed specifically to compliment this record head. The same intense design elements in the UHA playback are also featured in the recording system.
5.) $4500 - New UHA Ultima Recording System Can Be Added To Any UHA Deck:
The UHA record tape head and a newly designed Ultima recording system.
Like the all new UHA Ultima series tape decks the Ultima Recording System employs the same level circuitry and design features as the Ultima decks. Because of the tape head proximity to the record boards we offer the shortest and most shielded record circuit employed in any tape deck. Featuring mu metal cans on the record head and specialty shielded cables along with new record circuitry UHA offers the ultimate recording.
6.) $6500 - The Proprietary UHA Outboard Power Supply (OPS-DC).
The entire UHA tape deck operates 100% on DC power!
People have asked why does UHA use this particular Tascam tape deck?
Beyond the reliability, one reason is that the Tascam deck uses DC motors. The reel motors and the capstan motors are 100% DC motors. The goal from the begining of the UHA tape project was to operate the deck 100% on DC current. So over a number of years thatt was accomplished, the motors, tape transport, lights, VU meters, everything runs 100% on DC current.   

The new UHA-DC decks are a revolutionary development in cutting edge reel to reel tape deck operation for 2018.
The Outboard Power Supply-DC converts AC wall current to DC and the only power in the tape deck is 100% DC.
Dimensions = 19" wide X 15" deep (rack footprint, the handles on the front add 2") X 8" tall
48.3cm wide X 38.1cm deep (rack footprint, the handles on the front add 5.08cm")x 20.3cm tall
NEW! The UHA Pure DC Audiophile Tape Deck Outboard Power Supply (OPS)

All features, benefits and prices of  the decks listed below are for one box (no OPS-DC) playback only decks.
One can add any one of three recording options listed above to any deck at an additional $6500 charge.

United Home Audio Phase11 Audiophile Tape Deck
Phase11 Tape Deck = $18,500
UHA Reel to Reel Tape Deck Option List

1.) New for 2020, all new UHA Pure Class A output!  All new custom designed boards done in house by UHA!

2.) A big feature of the Phase11 is the new UHA-HQ Playback tape head!
This UHA Tape Head head was chosen after a year long exhaustive search for the best sounding tape head.
Six tape heads were auditioned, different manufacturers, different outputs and different impedances were auditioned.
The chosen head had a completely new output value and impendence that is made only for United Home Audio.
Also custom mu metal "cans" were fitted over the heads to shield noise from thee head, providing an ultra quiet head for record or playback.
The UHA-HQ heads are bolted to the headblock, and aligned by a special optical device to assure perfect alignment.
Because they are bolted to the head block they will never go out of alignment.
The UHA Heads are made to offer a lifetime of service with virtually little worry of head wear.

The new hand-made UHA-HQ Playback head is an all out assault on the best playback head possible at this time.
This head is much larger than a stock head and caused its own set of challenges getting it to fit on the Tascam head block.
The headblock was modified to accept the larger head and performs flawlessly.

3.) The new HQ playback tape head also requires an all out redesign of the head amp specifically to optimize the UHA-HQ Playback Head.
4.) The new Phase11 head amp features a direct circuit path playback preamp design.
5.) Hand matched esoteric electronic components, new gain and eq stages are incorporated in a revolutionary design featuring fully discrete Pure Class A output.
6.) New internal wiring, double shielded high quality wire and single crystal copper wire are chosen for their individual
 sounds to compliment the different signal paths of the deck.
7.) New output connectors, Furtech Gold XLR's and Gold RCA's
8.) New 15 amp IEC inlet for use with an after market high quality power cable.

The United Home Phase12 Audiophile Tape Deck
Phase12 Tape Deck $20,000
UHA Reel to Reel Tape Deck Option List
Pure class A output.
1.) The Phase12 also features the new UHA Tape Head.
2,) The Phase12 is the first UHA deck in the line up to feature an all new UHA-Q dedicated audiophile
quality toroidal power supply (located inside the deck) just to drive the tape head amps.
3.) All new UHA 2019 Preamp Design featuring all new Pure Class A output. All new custom designed boards done in house by UHA!
The new Phase12 preamp was a step back and all out assault on what could be accomplished with the output of the UHA 1/4" tape head
and a preamp designed specifically for the new tape head and power transformer. It has been 10 years in development and the work of two high end audio engineers.
3.) The newly designed 2019 Phase12 preamp specially designed to work with the UHA Tape Head and the new dedicated audio power transformer.

The Phase12 is the complete package, a highly stable tape transport with all DC motors for the
 ultimate speed stability and the best dedicated supporting playback components available.

This gives that last measure of purity noticeable in the upper midrange and high end.
The Pro Tascam deck we chose for the UHA-HQ decks allows for a signal cable from tape head to the preamps
of only about 3". This ultra short signal path further cuts noise in the audio signal path.
We use "single crystal" double shielded cable to give that last layer of a quiet pure signal off of the tape head.
This along with the new Phase12 preamp provides dynamics from the highest
to the lowest frequencies.

NEW for 2019! The United Home Audio Ultima4 Audiophile Tape Deck
UHA - ULTIMA4 Tape Deck - $24,500
UHA Reel to Reel Tape Deck Option List
All new for 2020!
Pure Class A, Fully Discrete, Dual Mono Preamp Design For 2020
1.) New UHA Playback Tape Head.
2.) All new custom designed boards done in house by UHA! The new 2017 ULTIMA4 preamp.
 SHQM (super high quality materials) boards are used with both wider and thicker traces for improved signal flow.
All electronic parts such as resistors, power caps, RCA & XLR connectors, internal wiring, were chosen from various auditions done with parts from many manufacturers.
We kept swapping and experimenting over the last two years till we were happy with the synergy and the sound.
This involved many listen sessions with various people’s help. These listening sessions were divided into frequency range listening sessions,
we may only be listening to the “highs”, then “mids”, same with the low end till we could find nothing to pick at.
3.) New Pure Class A fully discrete output.
4.) The entire playback circuit (from head to output jack) is 100% hard wired.
As in there are zero plugs, connectors, gain, or volume pots to degrade the sound.
No lesser devices are used in the signal path. We govern the output of the deck by a proprietary process of gain stage adjustment and low impact resistive tuning.
(If your goal is playback of the New Generation Master Tapes at 15ips and using the IEC eq, we recommend eliminating all the extra
 circuitry associated with NAB eq, and 7.5 ips playback. Also all of the muting circuits are eliminated in the deck).
5.) All new grounding system in the deck has been used. This was instrumental in lowering the noise floor to new levels never accomplished in R2R playback here to for.
6.) The internal wiring was sourced because of specific properties. Synergistic Research shielded internal wiring is used.
7.) On the one box Ultima4 all an all new custom designed and much larger power transformer is used, (largest one we could get in the chassis).
This power transformer powers only the tape head amps and is separate from the transformer that drives the tape transport and motors.
This provides limitless power and results in greater dynamics and a coherent top to bottom musical presentation.
8.) The gain stages are each provided an exact and regulated delivery of power form a special system directly on the PCB.
Each gain and EQ stage is individually charged by it’s own separate power filtering capacitors.
9.) A Furutech power conditioner, EMI filter with gold plated IEC inlet is used.  
10.) Mu-metal shielding is used where needed on the tape heads, boards, outputs.
11.) New tape heads with a very low output and low impedance have been matched to the new Ultima4 preamp for continuity.
 12.) The tape head is set into a mu-metal can for isolation from EMI.
13.) The deck can be hot rodded for just RCA output or just XLR output can be configured.
(Any UHA deck can be configured for only 15 inch per second, 2 track, IEC eq playback to optimize the circuitry to play the New-Generation Master Tapes).

The ULTIMA project started with a some new component discoveries.
The ULTIMA4, the 18th generation UHA deck uses some innovations never employed in any tape deck.
Just some of the features of this new purity in circuitry involved:

- New audiophile grade power transformer for the tape head amps, custom designed for UHA.
- New direct coupled capacitive power delivery in the preamp results in immediate filtered power to each gain stage.
- All new boards were developed for the ULTIMA4, hyper pure copper boards and improved dielectric material with wider traces.
Wider thicker traces for more conductivity along with silver solder points were used, Cardas silver solder is used for all electronic connections.
- A new grounding configuration was used to enhance the grounding in the deck, it actually scavenges noise from the ground and produced much quieter backgrounds.
- New direct IEC EQ stage and no muting circuits for shortest signal paths was also used.
- A beefed up change in various electronic component values brought more weight to the sound.
- Dual mono configuration for the internal playback preamps.
- WBT Next-Gen RCA connectors and the new Furutech XLR’s are used on the Ultima4 deck.
- The internal chassis wire and also the umbilical cables between the OPS and the deck are all by Synergistic Research.

NEW! The UHA Pure DC Audiophile Tape Deck Outboard Power Supply (OPS)
Run any Model UHA Tape Deck on 100% DC Power,
100% DC Power Makes A Difference!
There is no other deck like it on the market.  
OPS-DC units starting at $6500.

For 2020 New Power Transformers have been developed and are currently being
manufactured to augment the new Class A output.
New higer capacity voltage regulators have also been designed to augment the Pure Class A output!

The OPS-DC package includes a complete rewire of the UHA tape deck to operate 100% on DC current and can be added to any UHA deck. Unlike a conventional tape deck the UHA tape decks have all DC motors, as part of the OPS package the entire UHA deck is rewired to operate on DC current, there is no AC current inside the deck at all!
The OPS-DC has two huge torroidal power transformers (in a separate high end chassis) that are made exclusively for UHA. These new transformers for 2019 were redesigned to offer a "Potted Core" the transformer is wound around an inert material to secure and dampen the transformer, many other "secret" features were also employed in the new UHA transformers. The OPS has many banks of DC conversion devices that convert the AC wall electricity to pure DC current. The banks of devices are segregated to different functions depending on the voltage needed by VU meters, motors, lights, transport logic controls and most importantly the audio tape head amps. The audio head amp power circuits are shielded and feed only the UHA tape head amps for complete isolation.
A Furutech power filter is also used on the incoming AC power connection to the OPS for complete control of the mains power.

Be sure to look at the UHA Tape Deck Option List page for accessories!

UHA Reel to Reel Tape Deck Option List

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The UHA Phase11 (one box) Tape Deck, Absolute Sound Magazine's
top 100 components of the last 40 years award winner!
Since 2007 UHA Tape Decks have a proven
track record of extreme reliability and trouble free operation.

UHA decks have the best warranty in the business,
two years parts and labor, (shipping not included).

Add An OPS-DC And Run Your UHA Tape Deck On 100% DC Power!
UHA DC Decks Offer The Ultimate In Power Isolation!

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